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Apple Apps

There are new Apps for the Android tablets and phones to help veterans.  The Following links lead to web pages that have options to install these apps to your mobile device, some apps have a cost to download, but there are several helpful free apps.  Click on the App Logo to go to that web site. 
Air Force - Android App - Are you in the US Air Force? If so, this is the app for you. The Air Force app is the latest and greatest way to stay on top of everything happening in the United States Air Force. With the Air Force app, you can read the top stories, listen to Air Force radio, and even browse through the USAF current aircraft with great detail including each aircraft's mission, features, background and specs.

Includes a PT Calculator so you can calculate PT scores to help in getting you prepared for your next PT test. There are also training plans to help you get in shape for the test.

Now you can send links to the news articles and radio broadcasts via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook!

Air Force Creeds - Android App - Air Force Song, Airmen Creed, NCO Creed, DI Creed, Security Force Creed, Core Values, First Sgt Creed, Medic Creed Ranks.

Air Force Fundamentals - Android App - Official Air Force Education and Training Command - This app has information all current or future active duty Airmen can use. The focus is on physical training. Videos show you the proper form for push-ups, sit-ups, running, and pull-ups. There's also information to help you with pre and post exercising.

If you are preparing for Basic Military Training, this app is a MUST for you! Visit the "Get In Shape" web page from the official BMT website. Learn the Airman Creed and USAF song. Make your life easier by learning the USAF Core values, rank structure, and wear of the uniform BEFORE you arrive! Master the Insignia Challenge game for instant rank recognition.

Let this app be your conduit to a "fundamentally" great USAF career.

Air Force Military History - Android App - Impress people with Air Force and military History. Excellent resource for PME! Air Force History will enhance your knowledge of events and people since the beginning of the United States Air Force. You will get a new historical insight every day. Impress your boss with your vast knowledge of Air Force and military History. This is an excellent resource for PME! Can you stump your instructor! Your feedback is welcome, so don't forget to rate this APP!

Air Force News - Android App - Rss feeds for United States Air Force.  Air Force Military News and information is available through RSS feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop or Web browser. RSS feeds, like podcasts, when used in conjunction with an RSS Reader, will automatically update with the latest content at set intervals.

Arlington National Cemetery Grave Locator - Android App - The Arlington National Cemetery Grave Locator app was developed to assist visitors in finding the burial location of friends, family, and loved ones. This information is provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Army Alarm - Android App - Bugle calls include: First Call, Reveille, Assembly, Mess Call, Sick Call, Drill Call, First Sergeant's Call, Officer's Call, Recall, Mail Call, Guard Mounting, Adjutant's Call, Retreat, To The Color, Tattoo, Call To Quarters, Taps, and Last Post.

Great for members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Set the alarms to sync with the bugle calls at your base.

Also great for those preparing for the Service, Basic Training, ROTC, OTS, and Veterans who simply miss it.


Army Board Study Guide - Android App - Quiz yourself with prep-questions for the Army Soldier and NCO Boards and SGT / SSG Promotion Boards. A portable study guide for U.S. Army promotion boards.

A portable study guide for U.S. Army soldier, NCO, promotion or any type of board.

Army Field Manuals - Android App - Published by the United States Army's Army Publishing Directorate. As of 27 July 2007, some 542 field manuals were in use. They contain detailed information and how-to's for procedures important to soldiers serving in the field.  With 23 Chapters and a full set of Appendices, and photos and diagrams galore, you will find this an invaluable app for your continuing Army Education.

Army mCare Telemedicine App - Android App - This is the Tele-TBI care application published by TATRC for returning Wounded Warriors.

Army PFT - Android App - Calculate your PFT & BCA Scores

Army Physical Fitness Manual - Android App - Official U.S. Army Physical Fitness Manual. On 5 July 1950, U.S. troops, who were unprepared for the physical demands of war, were sent to battle. The early days of the Korean war were nothing short of disastrous, as U.S. soldiers were routed by a poorly equipped, but well-trained, North Korean People’s Army. As American soldiers withdrew, they left behind wounded comrades and valuable equipment their training had not adequately prepared them to carry heavy loads.

The costly lessons learned by Task Force Smith in Korea are as important today as ever. If we fail to prepare our soldiers for their physically demanding wartime tasks, we are guilty of paying lip service to the principle of “Train as you fight.” Our physical training programs must do more for our soldiers than just get them ready for the semiannual Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT’).

Army Rifle Marksmanship - Android App - Put the entire U.S. ARMY RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4 and M4 CARBINE manual on your phone.

Army Rights Warning Card - Android App - GTA 19-6-6, Rights Warning Card, now a handy app for US Army Leaders & Soldiers. This application is the modern digital incarnation of the United States Army Graphic Training Aid 19-6-6, "How to Inform Suspect/Accused Persons of their Rights".

In the past, leaders and Soldiers of all ranks have carried this card in their wallets or leader's books. Now, as an app, it serves the same purpose

Army ROTC Cadet Handbook - Android App - The US Army ROTC app is for current cadets & anyone interested in the cadet life. The U.S. Army ROTC app is for those who are looking to join the program, current cadets, and anyone who is interested in cadet life. For those looking to join the program, this app contains enrollment information as well as scholarship information.

Army Sniper Training Manual - Android App - Put the entire U.S. Army Sniper Training Manual on your phone, without ads. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 and up. Based on the U.S Army Sniper Training Manual FM 23-10

Army Soldier's Blue Book - Android App - This Soldier's Blue Book is the Army guide for Initial Entry Training Soldiers! The Soldier's Blue Book dates back to General Washington tasking Baron von Steuben with transforming the men at Valley Forge into a disciplined fighting Army.

Army Survival Guide - Android App - Put the entire U.S. Army survival guide on your phone, offline. Can install on sd card(2.2+). Based on the U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70

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U.S. Coast Guard Creed - Android App - Simple, fast app. Perfect for memorizing this creed.  U.S. Coast Guard, Guardsman's Creed. Very simple, fast app perfect for memorizing this creed.

Coast Guard Coasties - Android App - Application designed for family, friends and members of the USCG.

Coast Guard Fitness Calc - Android App - Application to determine compliance with US Coast Guard Body Fat and Fitness Standards.

- Determine if current weight is within the maximum allowable weight standard per ALCOAST 512/09
- Determine if estimated body fat percentage is within standards per COMDTINST M1020.8G
- Boat crew fitness standards per COMDTINST M16114.9D.

Coast Guard USC T.14 - Android App - For lawyers, civil servants, officials, students, dissidents and any citizen who wants to know the laws.

Everything you need to pass the ASVAB exam or improve your score – in an App!
Currently, the only App of its kind in the store! Do not take the ASVAB test without practicing.  The ASVAB (short for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is unlike any test you’ve ever taken.

Join The Marines - Android App - Join the proud fighting men and women of the United States of America! Join the Marines has everything you need to start your new life as a marine.
Features all kinds of guides for bootcamp, joining, asvab studies, and more!

A short list:
- Video section
- Built in photo gallery
- Guides for asvab, bootcamp and joining.
- Benefits, steps, and requirements.
- Comments, branches, search, and settings.

Marine Corps Cadence - Android App - Horse Marine, I Am, Up In The Mornin', Marine Colors, Chesty Puller, 1,2,3,4 USMC Taps, Reveille

Marine Corps Close Combat - Android App - Put the entire U.S. Marine Corps Close Combat Training Manual on your phone. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 and up. Based on the U.S.Marine Corps Close Combat Training Manual MCRP 3-02B

Marine Corps Creeds - Android App
Marines Hymn (and song by Presidents Own)
My Rifle
NCO Creed
SNCO Creed
Drill Instructor Creed
11 Leadership Traits
Leadership Principles
11 General Orders

Marine Corps News - Android App - Read US Marine Corps news on your phone. Updated daily. Get US Marine Corps news and articles on your phone anywhere. Updated Daily.

Marine Corps PFT - Android App - Calculate your PFT / CFT / BCA Scores

Marine Corps Summer Survival Manual - Android App - Requirements For Survival, Survival Kit, Water Procurement, Expedient Shelters & Fires, Core Values & Mountain Leadership Challenges, and other Survival training for Summer.

Marine Corps Winter Survival Manual - Android App - Requirements For Survival, Survival Kit, Water Procurement, Expedient Shelters & Fires, Core Values & Mountain Leadership Challenges, and other Survival training for Winter.

Military Airfare US - Android App - Military airfare, Military Travel reservations right from your mobile device.

Military Travel, and Military Airfare app. Discounted airfare for military personnel right from your mobile device. This app allows completed access to MilitaryAirfare.us where military personnel can check fares, make reservations or contact a representative 24/7. This app is free and provided by MilitaryAirfare.us. Visit us on your computer too! Safe travels. Military ID may be required.

Military eBooks - Android App - This application will bring you directly to one of the biggest free online library in the world.

Featured Bookyards Free Military eBooks Categories:
1. Gulf war ebooks
2. History of war ebooks
3. Military education, training ebooks
4. Small wars, strategic studies ebooks
5. World War 1 ebooks
6. World War 2 ebooks

Military First Aid - Android App - Learn the current First Aid techniques of United States Military Forces! This is the current First Aid Manual as used by members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, in an easy-to-read page flipping app that simulates a conventional book.

Military News - Android App - Veterans News Armed Services news feeds at your fingertips. Browse for all military news or break it down to your own specific branch.

Military Pay - Android App - This application is to calculate pay for US military members.
- Base Pay:
+ Calculates base pay based on 1) Years in the Service 2) Pay Grade.
+ For reservists, it calculates the estimated monthly base pay based on 4 drills per month being completed.

- Incentive/Special Pays Included:
+ Hostile Fire Pay
+ Aviation Career Incentive Pay
+ Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay
+ Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (Flying) [AWACS not included at this time]
+ Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (Other Than Flight)
+ Diving Incentive Pay
+ Career Sea Pay
+ Submarine Duty Incentive Pay

- Allowances:
+ Basic Allowance for Subsistence
+ Family Separation Allowance
+ Basic Allowance for Housing
+ Personal Money Allowance

- User can email the results to save this information for later use [Incentive pays not included at this time].

Military Ribbons - Android App - The only complete list of all U.S. Armed Forces ribbons on the Android Market! A list of all the ribbons awarded to members of the United States Armed Forces, including photos of each ribbon. This app was created by a veteran of the United States Army and was originally uploaded on Veterans Day, 2010. If you enjoy this, please download the ad-free paid version.

Military Quotes - Android Apps

Navy Advance - Android App - A application designed to provide sailors with the tools to assist them in their Naval career. The application includes a section for TESTS, WRITING EVALUATIONS, PRT /WEIGHT CHARTS/NUTRITION, and a section for imputing NOTES within the application. The testing portion of the application includes chapter summaries, chapter questions and answers.

Navy BMR ProMilitaris - Android App - Study for your Navy advancement exam with ProMilitaris.  No matter what paygrade you are testing for, the Navy Basic Military Requirements (BMR NAVEDTRA 14325) course is a key source of information for success in the Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) portion of your Navy-wide Advancement Exam (NWAE).

Navy Boot Camp - Android App - A FREE resource for those that are interested in the U.S. Navy.

Navy Creeds - Android App - Miscellaneous Creeds for the Navy

Sailor's Creed
Petty Officer Creed
Chief Petty Officer Creed
Corpsman's Creed
Anchors Aweigh (with song)
General Orders of a Sentry
Master at Arms Creed
Aircrewman Creed
Anchors Aweigh Ringtone

Navy Decoder - Android App - This app is a quick reference guide to many US Navy personnel and other codes. Instead of spending the time to find the correct reference and look up the information, this app will allow one to quickly get to the answer. The main focus currently is on personnel related codes that will be found in manning documents such as RUADs and AMDs.

Navy Decompression Tables - Android App - This app contains the US Navy Air Decompression Tables for Decompression SCUBA Diving with improved visibility. This version is ad supported. For an ad-free version check out US Navy Decompression Tables Pro. SCUBA tables are for Air and contain tables from 30 feet to 300 feet as provided in Revision 6 of the US Navy Diving Manual. SCUBA Diving is a potentially dangerous activity and should only be performed in accordance with your SCUBA Diving skill level, training and health. Decompression SCUBA Diving should only be performed by those that are properly trained and experienced to do so.

Navy Everything - Android App - A quick mobile guide book to everything you need to know about the US Navy. Contains most of the general knowledge that US Navy personnel must know along with a quick fact sheet about some of the ships and planes in the Navy's arsenal.

Navy Federal Credit Union - Android App - Experience money management at full force with the Navy Federal mobile app. Be up on the latest rates, the nearest branch, or your account balance.

Feel the power of seamless account management. Experience its other great features too.

• Check account balances, view recent transactions and transfer money between accounts
• At-a-glance access to the rate of your choice
• Find the nearest Navy Federal branches or free ATMs worldwide
• Calculate auto loan payments, mortgage payments or even the tip when splitting the bill in an instant.
• Check currency exchange rates around the globe
• Safe, secure and fast

Navy IA - US Navy Fleet Forces Command - Android App - The latest information and resources for US Navy Individual Augmentee (IA) sailors, families, commands, and civilian employers. Covers the entire IA Process, from NMPS and INCONUS training to Boots on Ground to returning home. An extensive collection of links to IA related information on the internet is also included.

Navy News - Android App - Read US Navy News on your phone anytime, anywhere. Daily updates. Get US Navy news and articles on your phone anywhere. Updated Daily.

Navy PFA - Android App - Calculate your PFT / CFT / BCA Scores

Navy Seals Fitness Guide - Android App - The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide has been prepared for the SEAL community with several goals in mind. Our objective is to provide you, the operator, with information.

Navy Seals Handbook - Android App - This app is a Glossary of terms, lingo, definitions, and acronyms used by the seals every day at home and in combat. If you are a teacher, a military buff, thinking of joining up, or just want to know more about how our military works, this application puts a huge amount of information in your hands.

Navy Seal Physical Fitness - Android App - Official U.S. Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide. This is the official U.S. Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide. 300 pages long.  This is the Guide to have on your phone if you want to be as tough as a Navy Seal. This Guide has been prepared for the Seal community with several goals in mind. Promote long term cardiovascular health. Prevent injury and accelerate return to duty. Maintain physical readiness at all times. Enhance physical ability to perform special operations at any time.


PTSD Coach - Android App - Can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma.

PTSD Support - Android App - The Hope for One PTSD app is focused on providing support to military veterans and their families that are struggling with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.  We deeply appreciate the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make for our country.
Texas Music Throwdown - Android App - The Texas Music Throwdown is a benefit concert held in honor of our wounded military veterans. 100% of the concert proceeds will be donated to Heroes On The Water (HOW).
Event Date: October 1, 2011
Event Location: Town Green Park, The Woodlands, TX

With This App:

1. Locate the Event using Google Maps
2. View Concert Line Up
3. Learn More Information about Heroes on the water.
4. View Participating Vendors/Sponsors
5. Stay Up-To-Date with the latest News and Happenings.

United States History - Android App - All of the proceeds from this application will go to the Wounded Warrior Project to help our brave men and women of the military. So, please click those ads! :). It only takes a second. There is also a paid, ad free version of this app.

United States Military News - Android App - Browse your favorite military department with multiple news feeds updated daily! Display news for five US Military departments with no advertisement.

Long press to:
★ Share an article
★ Save an article to read later
★ Mark an article so you know its been read
★ Display all info relative to the article
★ Read an article

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Navy -
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Air Force -
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Marines -
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Department Of Defense -
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US Coast Guard -
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Veteran News - Android App contains rss feeds regarding Veteran news, benefits and legislative changes that affect Veterans around the world.

Veteran Scholarship Finder - Android App - Find Scholarships for veterans, spouses of veterans, and their dependents.

While military benefits provide some higher education assistance to veterans and their families, there are still many opportunities for additional education benefits though grants and scholarships. This app lists grants and scholarships for veterans, spouses of veterans, and dependents of veterans.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - Android App - Search the Memorial Wall, post a remembrance, make a donation, connect and share this app with others who remember...

Established in 1979, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., promoting healing and educating about the impact of the Vietnam War. Authorized by Congress, its most recent initiative is building the Education Center at The Wall, an underground facility near the Memorial that will help visitors discover the stories of those named on The Wall and celebrate the values embodied by all service members who served in all of America’s wars. Other Memorial Fund initiatives include educational programs for students and teachers, a traveling Wall replica that honors our nation's veterans and six events held each year at The Wall to honor and remember those we lost during the Vietnam War.

Voice of Warriors - Android App - Our mission is to help military veterans and their families flourish in communities where they reside.

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